About covid19 CSO Relief

covid19csorelief.com enables information share and support among the Civil Society Organizations working across the country, to better reach-out and serve the Covid 19 affected persons and community.

Information share on Supports/help available in our region/states is very important at this time of mobility restrictions and lockdown, to access the Covid 19 impacted people who are in need of essential services.

covid19csorelief.com is promoted and supported by TREC-STEP.

Utilizing TREC-STEP’s wide and committed grassroots network of CSOs

TREC-STEP is presently implementing first-of-its-kind European Union supported project, "Gender Enabling Network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship CSOs for climate ventures", GENIE CSOs, for building and strengthening a National Network of 500+ women focused Civil Society Organizations, CSOs, in 8 states(UP, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu), for promoting successful women social ventures. The project aims to strengthen the CSOs with latest capacity development programmes in project management and social venture promotion, ICT Platforms, Technology and Business Mentor connect, etc, through institutional linkages, Investor connects and infrastructure, for creating a vibrant eco-system for promotion and ensuring successful growth of 1000 women social ventures, making the women become socially and economically empowered, thereby bringing transformative change in the lives of women and girls. Please visit www.geniecsos.com

It is prudent, that in this unprecedented emergency, we need to effectively use all our resources such as this vibrant CSO network for helping our society, to provide much needed support for better recovery of COVID 19 impacted people and community.

TREC-STEP - An Introduction:

TREC-STEP is one of the first Technology Business Incubators, promoted in the country, in 1986, as a multi-stakeholder organization, by the Department of Science and Technology, DST, Government of India, Government of Tamil Nadu, Central and State Financial Institutions and others. TREC-STEP has always been a pioneering ‘Development Lab’ for piloting almost all impactful Business incubation initiatives and innovation schemes across the country, working with the Government of India and also successfully implementing novel developmental Projects with the World Bank, UN Organizations, European Union, etc. in Innovation and Incubation promotion, Skills development, Climate Change, Women Entrepreneurship promotion, etc.

Website: http://www.trecstep.com/index.html

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TRECSTEP

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