Help Required - Emergency


Kochi, Kerala, 682019
Covid 19 Relief Needs
Medicines Requirements
Other Supplies (Pulse Oximeters, Disposable/Sterile Gloves, Face Shields, Isolation Gowns, Digital/Infrared Thermometer, Protective Goggles, Body Bags, ICU beds, other medical supplies)
Counselling support
Covid 19 related - women focused issues. CSOs Strengthening Needs
Training and Capacity Development Needs
Information on New Funding Support from National and International Donors
Support for Developing Proposals / Projects
Partnership Building Support
56 Weeks ago
The social and economical impacts due to covid-19 have adversely affected the lives of the common people and especially the marginalised and vulnerable sections of the society in a big way. There is a need to support them to build their resilience and also fight against the spread of the disease.