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Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, 620007
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57 Weeks ago
SCENARIO IN THE COVID PANDERMIC SITUATION OF FARMERS IN 10 HABITATIONS OF PUDUKOTTAI DISTRICT: There are many changes happening among the marginal and small farmers communities with regard to access to employment, changes in the agricultural crops, changes in the earnings and incomes. The farmers growing vegetables and flowers could not market their produces on time and therefore, had to dump the produces and incurred heavy losses. During the lock down situation, the access to employment were absolutely nil and the farmers could not go to work outside farming as alternate employment over a period of 6 months. As a result they incurred heavy decrease in incomes to the tune of 50% reduction in incomes. At the most farmers could find some work within their villages among the neighbourhood farmers’ lands for low wages and sometimes, they were sharing the workload in kind. The farmers who used to grow pumbkin vegetables incurred heavy losses during last year and therefore, did not grow any vegetables this year. The paddy farmers continued their cultivation to a smaller extent of land, but during the last year the crops were flooded in rains at the time of harvest and thus incurred losses. This year, the ground nut cultivators have reduced the cultivation and only 25% of the farmers have sown ground nuts. The ground nut farmers also incurred losses as the crops were flooded in rains at the time of harvest. As the animals could not be sold in markets due to absence of shandies, the farmers could not sell the animals at the times of need as they do regularly for incomes. Due to absence of fodder crops grown, they had to incur increased expenses to keep the animals. The tea shops were closed and as a result, the milk vending locally could not take place. There has been increase in debts to the tune of 50% among the farming communities. The farmers seek support in terms of - Create Seed banks to support them with timely supply of seeds - Need support to buy fertilizers/ organic and others - Support to buy chicken, sheep and cows for animal husbandary - Support for plough the land as more extent of lands were remaining as fallow land. - Marketing support to sell their produces for right prices and transport - Enable them to access to Government resources to get subsidies and other support - Children need study centres to enhance the quality of studies in the absence of the schools opened. - Prevent child marriages happening due to closure of schools especially Government Schools and no online classes conducted due to lack of access to smart phones/ computers. For NGO: We need salary support to for minimum 4 staff members including One Project Coordinator to facilitate the above relief and reconstruction of socio economic development among farmers.