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Palani, Tamil Nadu, 624601
Award Trust
Covid 19 Relief Needs
Other Supplies (Pulse Oximeters, Disposable/Sterile Gloves, Face Shields, Isolation Gowns, Digital/Infrared Thermometer, Protective Goggles, Body Bags, ICU beds, other medical supplies)
Counselling support
Covid 19 related - women focused issues. CSOs Strengthening Needs
CSOs Strengthening Needs
Training and Capacity Development Needs
Information on New Funding Support from National and International Donors
Support for Developing Proposals / Projects
Access to Mentors / Experts
Partnership Building Support
Any other Support requirement, please specify
Support for Visibility through social media handles
Help to Connect / Link other CSOs
58 Weeks ago
AWARD is a grass root level NGO implementing the community action development programs among the down trodden and most needed communities like disabled,women,children,landless and small and marginal farmers in Palani Block,Dindugul district,Tamil Nadu. Covid-19 pandemic and lock down challenge the very survival of the mentioned above community at the core level and also for their daily bread. The pandemic is not only affected the Health condition but also the socio- economical condition of the people. Hence, it is a need of the hour to support every one for their social well being.