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Malpura, Rajasthan, 304502
Center for Rural Prosperity and Research-CRPR
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Covid 19 related - women focused issues. CSOs Strengthening Needs
59 Weeks ago
Center for Rural Prosperity and Research is actively engaged in the protection of women and children in its field. The organization has so far provided ration to 85 families and alerted the community along with women and adolescent girls in 10 villages, But due to the lack of education at the village level, there is no awareness of COVID-19 infection, right now there is a need to work with the village society on the following issues:- 1. Support to self-hygiene materials such as facemasks, soaps or sanitizers to poor and helpless or women oriented families so that the importance of their use can increase in the habit of the community. so that the society can be saved from the 3rd wave. 2. Right now the vaccination program is going on, but the communities in rural areas are not coming forward to get vaccinated, they are getting confused by the unauthorized information coming on social media, in this situation, if vaccination is not done then the deprived society may be more prone to infection, NGOs should make a fully positive environment in the village society aware and get maximum vaccination done. 3. The NGO Team who are serving in the field even in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis should be encouraged.