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Erode, Tamil Nadu, 638052
Covid 19 Relief Needs
Counselling support
Training and Capacity Development Needs
Information on New Funding Support from National and International Donors
Support for Developing Proposals / Projects
Any other Support requirement, please specify
59 Weeks ago
Covid 19 relief needs: Vulnerable community needs basic things of daily foods. If we will arrange the rice and grocery things for this people that will be great support to them. Counseling support: In due to covid-19 pandemic situations, a lot of womens are struggling with depression , Stress due to child future, financial crisis . They need Counselling to come to a normal life. Training and Capacity Development Needs: According to the lockdown lot of the people lost their employment. So they need financial support for living. When we are giving skill training to them they will get best job opportunity in reputated company or they will set up self employment for the financial status. Information on New Funding Support from National and International Donors: We have rich experience in NGO activities in our domestic areas. We need funds for developmenting of youth and womens. Some of micro NGOs as like our organization does not getting aware of National and International fund. If you support to this it will be very useful to us. Support for Developing Proposals / Projects: We are preparing several proposals for development of women livelihood and youth. If we get support to develop in the proposals of National and International level. It will be useful for us Any other Support requirement: In our domestic area the spread of Covid 2nd wave increases in rural . Where the people of rural areas need lot of masks and hygiene kits. If you support for this it will very useful to them.